Shots from the Lexus Booth at Tokyo Motor Show

Monday night, the press travelling with Lexus got a chance to see the RC and the LF-NX at Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Stadium, but lighting wise, it was easier to get pics while they were in the booth at the show. 

I still don't think my photos of the RC do it justice. The back end is more sculpted than it comes across in the pics, the shape of the taillights is more aggressive, and the lip on the rear deck is more pronounced. In comparison, provided it's not completely dark, getting a bad shot of the LF-NX is pretty tough to do. All the creases on the body catch the light perfectly, and the matte finish keeps hot spots to a minimum. Even surrounded by all the hardware at the show it has a imposing presence--basically, this thing looks pissed. I love it. Let's hope some of the bad-apple styling elements make it to showrooms soon.  

One thing I didn't get to see last night was the new 2.0 liter turbo. At the show, the new force fed mill was suspended in a Stargate-like series of rings, and regardless of the fact that the Lexus folks choose to display it in an inter-dimensional travel portal, I'm just happy about to see them embracing turbos. I know that they help with fuel economy, but I prefer to see forced induction used for evil. Twin turbo IS F anyone? 

There was also the carbon fiber eo Xtreme Bike concept bike in the booth, which, concept or not, looked ready to ride. Though I'm a pretty serious cyclist--I get grumpy if I don't get enough exercise--my experience with carbon bikes is extremely limited. The ones I have taken for a spin have been crazy light and scary fast, and I thought this was two-wheeler was pretty dope, though I'd never subject something so precious to the war-torn asphalt of Los Angeles. 

Check out all the pics below!