Back to Black: Peeling Plasti Dip Off a Second-Gen IS

Over the last year, I've seen plenty of cool uses for Plasti Dip. Most involve using the rubberised spray coasting to black out trim pieces or wheels, but you occasionally see the whole car treatment.

Generally, folks use black or white, but there's a host of other colors available over on the Plasti Dip site--you can even get pearly colors and glow-in-the-dark finishes. While it's always hard to tell how well the execution is from photos or videos, with the right equipment and some patience, I bet you could get it to look pretty sharp. 

Since it's totally reversible, if you totally hate the color you choose, you're only a couple of hours of peeling away from reversing it. If I lived in a place with harsh winters where I had to worry about snow and ice, or was just super paranoid about rock chips, I think this could be fun to do.