April 2004 Featured Car


 Screen Name: JunctionGS

 Age: 27

 Profession: Account manager

 Car model: Junction Produce GS400

 Car year: 1999

 Engine size: 4.0 V8

 Color: Black


1. Engine:

  1. Junction Produce Earthing System (Grounding Kit)

  2. K&N FIPK Gen 2

  3. K&N High Performance Oil Filter

  4. Apex¹I Super-AFC

  5. Apex¹I Rev-Speed Meter

  6. Apex¹I G-Sensor

  7. Rod Millen Carbon Fiber Engine Cover

  8. Blitz Radiator Cap

  9. Optima Red-Top Battery

2. Exhaust:

  1. Junction Produce Exhaust System

3. Suspension:

  1. Tein HA Coilovers

  2. Cusco Front 40mm Strut Tower Bar

  3. L-Tuned Steering ECU

  4. Junction Produce Rear Spacers

4. Exterior:

  1. Junction Produce Front Bumper

  2. Junction Produce Lower Side Spoilers

  3. Junction Produce Rear Bumper

  4. Junction Produce Door Caps

  5. Junction Produce Fog Lamps

  6. Junction Produce 3pc Rear Spoiler

  7. Junction Produce Front Billet Grill

  8. Junction Produce Carbon Fiber Mirrors

  9. Junction Produce Hood Bonnet Spoiler

  10. Junction Produce Clear Tail Lamps

  11. Junction Produce Trunk Tail Insert Kit

  12. Junction Produce Tail Lamp Garnish

  13. Junction Produce Headlight Garnish

  14. Junction Produce Chrome Trunk Bar

  15. Junction Produce Chrome Door Handles

  16. Junction Produce Front License Plate Mounting Kit

  17. Junction Produce Rear Carbon Fiber License Plate Mounting Kit

  18. Junction Produce Rear Roof Antenna

  19. Junction Produce Pin-Stripe

  20. Junction Produce Full Decal Set

  21. Junction Produce Rear Emblem Set

  22. Junction Produce Sky White Bulb Set

  23. UGO Katayama Carbon Fiber Rear Roof Spoiler

  24. JDM OEM Carbon Fiber Door Pillar Garnish

  25. JDM OEM Carbon Fiber Quarter Pillar Garnish

  26. JDM OEM Wind Vents

  27. OEM H.I.D. Headlights

5. Interior:

  1. Junction Produce / Recaro Child Seat

  2. Junction Produce Floor Mats

  3. Junction Produce Fusa

  4. Junction Produce Kintsuna

  5. Momo Shadow Shift Knob

6. Wheels & Tires:

  1. Junction Produce Scara Japan (19 x 9 Front - 19 x 10 Rear)

  2. Yokohama DNA-Grand Prix (225-35-19 Front - 235-35-19 Rear)

7. Brakes:

  1. All stock!!!! Whoo hoo!

8. Stereo System:

  1. 6" Monitors in Headrests

  2. Microsoft X-Box

  3. 2 - 12² JL Audio W3-v2

  4. 500/1 Monoblock JL Audio Amplifier

  5. Alumapro The CAP 15-Farad Capacitator

  6. Custom Stealth Trunk Enclosure

  7. 3 - 10² Street Glow Neon Bulbs

  8. OEM Navigation Unit

  9. Monster Cable 4-Gauge Wiring

9. Future Modifications:

Already in the works. By the time this is out, the new suspension set up will be installed as well as the brake kit I have been working on for quite some time.

What led you to buy a Lexus?

Since they first released this body style GS line, I was hooked. I was impressed by the little things that Lexus put into the car and what not. Also after driving a little Civic for quite sometime, the allure of having a V8 was enticing!

Why you chose to modify your Lexus?

I picked up the Hyper Rev book for Aristos and then fell in love with the first car I opened the book to. The Junction Produce JZS161. The rest, as they always say, is history.


Just keeping it simple. Apple computers, VIP Style cars, all things JDM, and my Pug!