Justin Bell Gives the Lexus LFA the Track Time it Deserves

Lexus LFA Donut

I doubt you need to be reminded of the Lexus LFA's illustriousness, but I highly recommend the reminder Justin Bell gives you in the video below.

Satisfying his good deed for the holiday season, Bell emancipates the LFA from the Toyota Museum, and takes the halo car to Willow Springs where it gets the neck-wringing it craves.

Unveiled in 2009, and now out of production, it's absolutely astounding how the LFA is still, in many ways, the industry benchmark. When the LFA was in production, I will admit I failed to see it for the engineering presager it was. Taking a step back from the LFA era now behind us, I feel I can appreciate this car more than ever.

Would you agree the LFA is getting better as time moves on?

via [Motor Trend]