• The New ClubLexus...Store

    February 7, 2006

    Quite possibly one of the most unique aspects of the recently redesigned ClubLexus web site is the inclusion of a new store. Car and web site fanatics may visit it by clicking on a convenient link that would automatically direct them into a virtual gift shop. With much hard work and dedication, Ethan Kay, the Director of Marketing has successfully created an innovative feature for ClubLexus members that will allow their experience to be more tangible and real. Aside from interacting with other members and enthusiasts, people can shop, talk, and even drink "ClubLexus" all at the same time! Talk about multi-tasking!... Read more

  • Photography Contest Rules

    February 7, 2006

    Section 1. Contest Rules A. Contest Description     Contestants submit photos to one or more categories. A panel of ClubLexus Moderators will select photos from the pool to become finalists for each category. This Moderator panel will select finalists based on the theme, "Lexus in Springtime". At the end of the photo submission period, all the finalists are presented on a voting page for each category.     ClubLexus general members will view the photos and vote for their favorite in each category using an online voting ballot. At the end of the voting period, the votes are tallied and the Best of Category winners are announced. The Best of Category winners are then entered into a Best of Show contest. After the Best of Show contest period has ended, a Grand Prize winner will be determined and announced.... Read more

  •    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In our case a picture is worth some ClubLexus merchandise and the honor of being the very first ClubLexus photography contest winner. The contest ended in a tight race with the SC 430 photograph by member, V. Miller, winning the grand prize. GS Category winner, Cong28, excitingly followed behind with a close second-place finish.... Read more

  • Avatar Guidelines

    February 7, 2006

        ClubLexus members can choose to put their own avatar under their username in the forum. However there are certain rules for members to follow in regarding to the avatar.... Read more

  • Photo Gallery Guidelines

    February 7, 2006

        The ClubLexus Gallery is provided to the members as a place to upload and store their Lexus or car related pictures. Every member has their own storage limit according to their member status. You can see how much space you have left in your own gallery page.... Read more

  • Signature Guidelines

    February 7, 2006

        When members make posts in the forum, they have a choice to include their own signatures at the end of their posts. It gives members a chance to customize their username on the forum more and in some cases help people remember you. However, in order to avoid members having too large of a signature ClubLexus has laid down rules on the sizes of the signatures as well.... Read more

  • June 2005 Featured Car

    June 1, 2005

     Screen Name: ATSOU  Age: 27  Profession: Auto Body Shop Manager  Car Model: LS 400  Car Year: 1993  Engine Size: 1UZ-FE 4.0 Liter V8  Color: Light Champagne... Read more

  • May 2005 Featured Car

    May 1, 2005

     Screen Name: LexAristo  Age: 22  Profession: Full time student/part time worker  Car model: Lexus GS 300  Car year: 1994  Engine size: 2JZ-GE Inline 6  Color: Black Onyx... Read more

  • April 2005 Featured Cars

    April 1, 2005

    The ClubLexus featured car committee presents a “European theme” vehicle line-up for the month of April 2005. Continually seeing Lexus automobiles that are modified to the extreme on ClubLexus has started to get repetitive; therefore, the selection committee decided to mix things up a bit by crossing over the the dark side... Read more

  • March 2005 Featured Car

    March 1, 2005

     Screen Name: Edgy  Age: 35+  Profession: Sales and communications director  Car model: Lexus IS 300  Car year: 2002  Engine size: 3.1 Liter  Color: Millenium Silver Metallic... Read more

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