• June 2005 Featured Car

    June 1, 2005

     Screen Name: ATSOU  Age: 27  Profession: Auto Body Shop Manager  Car Model: LS 400  Car Year: 1993  Engine Size: 1UZ-FE 4.0 Liter V8  Color: Light Champagne... Read more

  • May 2005 Featured Car

    May 1, 2005

     Screen Name: LexAristo  Age: 22  Profession: Full time student/part time worker  Car model: Lexus GS 300  Car year: 1994  Engine size: 2JZ-GE Inline 6  Color: Black Onyx... Read more

  • April 2005 Featured Cars

    April 1, 2005

    The ClubLexus featured car committee presents a “European theme” vehicle line-up for the month of April 2005. Continually seeing Lexus automobiles that are modified to the extreme on ClubLexus has started to get repetitive; therefore, the selection committee decided to mix things up a bit by crossing over the the dark side... Read more

  • March 2005 Featured Car

    March 1, 2005

     Screen Name: Edgy  Age: 35+  Profession: Sales and communications director  Car model: Lexus IS 300  Car year: 2002  Engine size: 3.1 Liter  Color: Millenium Silver Metallic... Read more

  • Feb 2005 Featured Car

    February 1, 2005

     Screen Name: TopSCecret  Age: 20  Profession: Student nursea  Car Model: Lexus SC 400  Car Year: 1992  Engine Size: 1UZ-FE 4.0 V8  Color: Gold... Read more

  • January 2005 Featured Car

    January 1, 2005

     Screen Name: cutecboy  Age: 23  Profession: Student  Car model: Lexus LS 400  Car year: 1990  Engine size: 4.0 liter V8  Color: Pearl White... Read more

  • December 2004 Featured Car

    December 1, 2004

     Screen Name: EL GATO  Age: 27  Profession: Internet sales manager for Honda  Car model: Lexus ES 300  Car year: 1997  Engine size: 3.0 Liter  Color: Black... Read more

  • November 2004 Featured Car

    November 1, 2004

     Screen Name: NEXTLEVELCOUPE  Age: 30  Profession: Network special circuits technician  Car model: Lexus  Car year: 1995  Engine size: 4.0 liter  Color: Black onyx... Read more

  • October 2004 Featured Car

    October 1, 2004

     Screen Name: Princess4  Age: 26  Profession: Mechanical engineer  Car model: Lexus IS 300  Car year: 2002  Engine size: 2JZ-GE  Color: Azzurro, California... Read more

  • August 2004 Featured Car

    August 1, 2004

     Screen Name: DaveGS4  Age: 38  Profession: Partner in management consulting firm  Car model: Lexus GS 400  Car year: 1998  Engine size: 245 CID Four Cam V8 1UZ-FE  Color: Black Onyx... Read more