• DAYTONA BEACH, Florida - There was lots of movement in the Sport Touring I ranks following the ninth round of racing. The class win by Villaconn International's #34 BMW Z3 allowed it to retake the lead in the team standings after sliding to second place at the previous race. King Motorsports dropped from first place to third in the team standings following its early exit from the race, and now trails the leader by 12 points.... Read more

  • Driver Point Standings

    February 7, 2006

    DAYTONA BEACH, Florida - The Grand-Am Cup Street Stock Series awards points to drivers based upon their finish in their respective class. Although drivers may race in more than one class during a race, they are only awarded points in the first car they drive. Only drivers holding valid Grand American Road Racing Association memberships are awarded points. The driver points reflect the top-20 drivers in each class after the ninth race of the season.... Read more

  • Team Point Standings

    February 7, 2006

    DAYTONA BEACH, Florida - The Grand-Am Cup Street Stock Series awards points to teams based upon each individual car's finish in its respective class. Only members of the Grand-Am Cup Street Stock Series Team Owners Program are eligible to earn points in the Team Point Standings. The team points reflect the standings after the ninth race of the season.... Read more

  • DAYTONA BEACH, Florida - Grand American Road Racing Association announced its 2003 schedule Grand-Am Cup Series during a press conference at Daytona International Speedway today.... Read more

  • Team Lexus Introduction

    February 7, 2006

    The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection is not merely a Lexus tagline, it is a fundamental principle.... Read more

  • Awards & Highlights

    February 7, 2006

    Featured on CBS Morning Edition in 1999 and 2001 Featured in SportsCar International Magazine, January 2002 2001 United States Auto show in Detroit, the Feature for Lexus Motorsports... Read more

  • These are the specifications for the Team Lexus IS 300 race car. It is because of the skill of the drivers and this car that Team Lexus took by storm six of the top ten spots for the Individual Driver Points and number one spot for the Team Owner Points in 2002.... Read more

  • Six hours of adrenalin filled racing took place during the Dark Dog Grand American Finale at Daytona International Speedway where Team Lexus took home two victories in the Sport Touring I division. The first place winners of the Sport Touring I 2002 Team Championship, and a very special victory kiss, were Chuck Goldsborough and Ian James, the drivers of the #0 Team Lexus IS300. Team Lexus, who had been on the podium many times before, had never won a race in 2002. The #0 Lexus IS300 overcame the #34 BMW Z3 who had an 11 point advantage entering the race, but due to complications, ended up placing 19th, proving once more than reliability is important.... Read more

  • Lexus has paired the slogan, “The Passionate Pursuit of Victory” with Team Lexus, its racing division, for some time. They have had commercials featuring the Team Lexus IS300 in 2002 that showed the connection between Lexus and motor sports. Lexus has gotten serious with racing and they are making it apparent by featuring advertisements in magazines like Road and Track. This new pursuit has brought Lexus much attention due to the victories of Team Lexus and their drivers. Due to their relentless passion for perfection, you can expect to see more of Team Lexus as they pursue their pursuit for victory.... Read more

  • In a perfect world, Team Lexus would be able to have three gorgeous ladies as their 2003 poster girls. It’s really a shame because that’s not the way it’s going to be. These three young ladies that have volunteered for the position, Susan, Alex, and Ingrid, have a broad knowledge of the whole racing scene and have even had past experience. The problem is that Team Lexus only has one position available for the 2003 poster girl. The one lucky lady who will be chosen will end up being part of various Team Lexus events and also help further promote the team.... Read more

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