• You all already know about the LFA, so lets not waste any time blathering on about its harmonious V10, or its exquisite handling, or any of that. It is known. Instead, just enjoy this photo shoot of two LFAs chilling in a parking lot. Read more

  • Official word is that the Lexus RC F Sport coupe will be officially revealed at March's Geneva Motor Show. The question is, will the RC F Sport actually bride the gap between the 300hp RC350 and 480hp RC F? Read more

  • It's like an insane childhood fantasy come to life. Like The Walt Disney Company smashed Cars with Space Mountain, then blasted off the result into the farthest reaches of space. Read more

  • As of late, Lexus' been kicking ass and taking names. For the sake of pure entertainment, let's take a quick look at a project that's taken an, uh, less than inspiring approach to one of their models. Read more

  • Some great bit of news from the UK market. Reported by Whatcar?, one of Britain's biggest automotive buying guides, the Lexus IS300h finished in first place amongst a shootout of its fellow luxury fuel sippers. Read more

  • An Open Letter to the Lexus NX

    February 11, 2014

    "Just heard the awesome news! Saw that you'd finally announced your arrival in October, with your first stop in the U.K! It's dreary as hell over there (all the time), but regardless, I was excited! More importantly, I want to know I saw your new pictures." Read more

  • Car photography is vast world. On one hand, you have pictures. On the other hand, you have photos. Here's a gallery indicative of the latter with renowned Hong Kong director/cinematographer/photographer Chester Ng. Read more

  • Here we have some drool-worthy video, officially released by Lexus International to showcase their new Lexus RC F racecar competing in the 2014 Super GT series. As Autoblog points out, it's an odd tip of the hat to a concept depicting high society x tech. Read more

  • When I was originally introduced to Lexus' now signature spindle grille, I wondered who on the executive design team came up with the idea and (honestly) what possessed them to do so. Autocar has finally found an answer. Read more

  • A bit of official Lexus eye candy for everyone here to keep the week chugging along. This photo shoot, available on Lexus UK's Facebook, is composed in a classy monochrome with hops of red show the Lexus GS300h cruising through the streets of late night London. Read more

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