• The tale of the tape indicates there's a large demand in the Chinese market for hybrid technologies. Lexus has historically played second fiddle to its German luxury cousins, they've been able to increase their attractiveness in a ridiculously fast growing market. Read more

  • Nobody outside Lexus has gotten to test the RC, but given the dynamics of its recent sedan siblings, everyone at ClubLexus is expecting greatness. Until then, we'll just have to stare at pictures--like this gorgeous shot that's ready to take over your desktop. Enjoy. Read more

  • This is kind of like that, except nice probably wouldn't be the best word to use. Watch a whole lineup of Toyota/Lexus siblings tear up a closed course track with the auditory violence of a game of pick up chainsaw tag (if that's even a thing). Read more

  • Consumer Reports has released its 2014 Car Brand Report Cards. Lexus leads the pack with an industry-topping score of 79, this being their second year in a row. Read more

  • Now to complete the family, Lexus has released details middle child: the RC350 F Sport. It won't be as hard core as the RC F, nor will it be as expensive, but it carries a few enhancements over the regular RC that gives this car a sportier look. Read more

  • Who dares to say Lexus is not serious about more sports and racing again? As if the already announced RC F is not enough to steal the spotlight, Lexus annouced the Lexus RC F GT3 today. Read more

  • LF-LC: Re-Birth of the SC

    February 28, 2014

    Lexus is clearly realizing the importance of coupes in their lineup since they are trying to make the brand "younger" and more engaged in driving fun. Read more

  • Well, if there was any question about the seriousness of Toyota's commitment towards making Lexus a more attractive brand, let it be set to rest here and now. Tokuo Fukuichi, Toyota Motor Corporation's global design chief, is now the head of Lexus International. Read more

  • How many BMW's out there can brag about hitting 200,000 miles? How many Mercedes can gloat about going 250,000 miles (besides the 240D)? If there's one thing that Lexus is known for more than anything else, it's reliability. Read more

  • This post from Lexus' official online publication, BEYOND Magazine, is called "The Road." Esteemed Japanese architect, Hironaka Ogawa makes his way across Shikoku island in an Ultrasonic Blue IS300h F Sport. Let the adventure begin. Read more

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