• Bacal and Lexus Take a Beating but Never Falter in Fast-Paced Race. In a heart-stopping beginning to his second year in off-road racing, Joe Bacal put his Lexus LX 570 ahead of his closest class rival as they raced flat out to the first corner at the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge 2010 season opener on Saturday, only to feel the full force of competition slam into him as he headed for the apex. ... Read more

  • For a complete overview of the 2010 HS Lexus 250h specs and features, hit the link.  ... Read more

  • We spent a warm spring day in the Lexus HS 250h driving the Coast Highway around the Newport Beach, California, and the hilly roads leading inland. The roads varied from two-lane highways to winding canyon roads with briefer stretches of wide-open four-lane highway driving. Our test unit was equipped with most of the available amenities, including the navigation package and the Remote Touch controller.... Read more

  • Almost every aspect of the 2010 HS 250h design is modern, technical, and aerodynamically relevant. The new grille contributes to a low coefficient of drag (0.27) by guiding airflow over the hood, and is set lower than the headlamps, a Lexus identity trait. The center of the hood is visually well defined, blending into concave segments that create a sculpted, edgy look. Sharply angular compound headlamps are mounted high, above the grille, a design cue in keeping with the top-of-the-line LS600h.... Read more

  • New hybrid sedan is state-of-the-art green. The new 2010 Lexus HS 250h combines the performance of a V6 with the mileage of a four-cylinder economy car using an advanced hybrid gas-electric powertrain.... Read more

  • Detroit, MI - January 10, 2010 - Greetings! I am currently in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show 2010. It is very cold here in the motor city in contrast to 80+ degree sunny Southern California. I have had a chance to check out Cobo Center this morning during the last day of setup before the doors open to the Press bright and early at 6am EST.... Read more

  • 2010 Lexus HS 250h

    January 8, 2010

     The Lexus HS 250h will be the brand's first dedicated hybrid sedan when it reaches showrooms in the fall of 2009. Lexus's three gas-electric hybrid vehicles currently on sale were originally developed as gas-engine models, then converted or updated for hybrid operation. The HS 250h, based closely on the familiar Toyota Prius, is a hybrid vehicle exclusively, no gas-engine-only version is available. Think of the HS 250h as an upscale Prius with Lexus-style amenities and dealership experience and you won't be far off the mark.... Read more

  • TORRANCE, Calif. (Jan. 5, 2010) - Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc., today reported December sales results of 187,860 units, an increase of 22.9 percent over the same period last year, on a daily selling rate (DSR) basis. On a raw volume basis, unadjusted for 28 selling days in December 2009, compared to 26 selling days in December 2008, TMS sales were up 32.3 percent for the month, compared to the same period last year.... Read more

  • By John Stewart [NewCarTestDrive]  Here's an overview of the specifications for the 2010 Lexus RX.  Check out the latest features!... Read more

  • By John Stewart [NewCarTestDrive] Over the period of two days in Sonoma, California, we had the opportunity to switch in and out of standard a RX 350, both with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, plus an RX 450h hybrid, and a brief drive in the current RX 330. We spent most of our time in a Matador Red RX 350 AWD with the Navigation package. ... Read more

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