• Club Lexus Goes to WekFest

    February 23, 2012

    VIP cars were on parade earlier this week at WekFest in San Francisco, California. Thankfully, CL members were able to take some excellent pictures. I mean just look at that flat black IS 250. Wow!... Read more

  • 2013 ES 250 Unmasked in China

    February 22, 2012

    Feast your eyes on the new 2013 Lexus ES 250. It hasn't been officially revealed yet, but some enterprising photographers in China managed to get some thorough pictures of the new sedan in all it's glory. ... Read more

  • Tragedy? Or is it genius? Either way, this Russian LX 470 is the recipient of some very... fluffy, body work.... Read more

  • The 2013 GS marks the beginning a new chapter for Lexus, and the company clearly has its game face on. The "Spindle Grille" front fascia is fresh and aggressive, and gives the grand sedan a menacing look. ... Read more

  • Marcus SlaterClub Lexus Sometimes, all you need is a little bit. Purdue Pete's IS-F is study in how simple mods can make a good looking car ever more handsome.... Read more

  • That voice? That's your inner Beavis, yelling "Fire! Fire! Fire!" First, this IS 300 drifts through piles of fire! Then these heathens cut to the chase and flambe the tires!... Read more

  • Lexus Presents: "The Tori 500"

    February 15, 2012

    If this is what it takes for Lexus to inject some excitement into its brand, then I'm all for it. The guys at Lexus teamed up with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Tori Praver to create a short road course around her bodacious curves. Literally.... Read more

  • 2013 Lexus RX Leaked!

    February 13, 2012

    Leaks from the Lexus mother-ship have revealed the 2013 RX in it's full glory. The photo's were snagged from a brochure detailing options and prices for the Japanese market. Lexus have not given any word on the official specs for the US model. What we do know is that the face-lifted RX is quite the looker.... Read more

  • Fans of the LF-LC who want to know more about it's design would do well to check this out. Calty Design Research (the firm responsible for the LF-LC's design) put together this high quality video to help pacify the Lexus faithful... Read more

  • Fans of VIP car culture might recognize these cars as Liberty VIP's GS 400 and SC 430. Both are a masterclass in fitment and VIP style. There's just something about a bagged, flush Lexus that oozes cool. Check out the video after the jump.... Read more

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