• The embargo on the 2015 RC F and RC 350 F Sport has expired! We can finally tell you what it's like to drive the latest Lexus sports coupes on the street and track. Full write up and product info after the jump! Read more

  • Last week I got to drive the RC F at Monticello Motor Club, and tomorrow--at 11PM Eastern--I can actually post about it. Until then, enjoy this picture of the new Lexus hot rod on the way to the circuit. Rest assured, the sports coupe is a looker in photos, but looks even better in the wild. Read more

  • Every daily driver I've had has been a sedan, so I always enjoy seeing people take a four-door and turn it into a bad-ass. That's exactly what Carl Thompson and his father Jamie did with a GS300. Watch this killer video! Read more

  • Back in 2010, Brian Fox thought the CT200h could be faster. A discussion between he and the automaker led to him bolting an Eaton supercharger to the 1.8L gas engine. Total system horsepower more than doubled, to over 300. Read more

  • An LS 400 ... Drifting?

    August 28, 2014

    Oh, the driver in the video after the jump. He or she chose to throw custom wheels on an LS 400 and drift its big ass around a rain-soaked roundabout. Dangerous and obnoxious to do on a public road? Yes. Cool? Hell yeah. Read more

  • Why a dirty LFA, you ask? Because sometimes life can be a little dirty, my friend, and it helps to have a good set of rubber between you and that road. Read more

  • It is refreshing to see such a mechanically rugged truck's capabilities being put to use. In the video, some well-to-do adventurer not only drives an LX 570 across a river in Chile, but he or she tows what appears to be a pop-up camper behind it. Read more

  • I like my car and all, but if pressed, I wouldn't be able to think of 25 things that make it great. Then again, I didn't make it. I'm sure Toyota would be happy to give you a list of the LS's positive characteristics. In fact, they have. Read more

  • "Cubicle work" takes on a whole new meaning at the Lexus Design Center. According to Lexus, "One enters the ['Virtual Reality Cube'] ... , sits in a 'driver's seat' and dons a pair of 3D glasses. Read more

  • Obviously, driving characteristics and looks are key ingredients for a performance car. But how it sounds when you mash down the right pedal is arguably more important. Listen to the RC F's naturally aspirated V8 rev in this clip from Lexus! Read more

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