• The sound of the LFA has been universally praised, and it's so glorious that--for me at least--it's difficult to imagine thinking about improving on it. But Tokyo's Office-K apparently doesn't feel the same way. Read more

  • For years, America's most popular car colors have been constant--and dare I say?--boring. Black, silver and white have occasionally swapped places on the podium, but there's no real competition from any other hues. Read more

  • Lexus GS to get an F Line

    September 9, 2014

    With so much press on the BMW M5, the Mercedes S63, and the Audi S8, Lexus was feeling a bit left out. As we have stated before, Lexus is hungry to take away as many customers from ze Germans as they possibly can. That's why this new rumor makes a lot of sense. Read more

  • Most people recall how the first LS400 shocked the luxury-car world back in 1989, and how the LFA demonstrated Lexus' ability in building a supercar, but not too many realize the impact of the introduction of the RX300 back in 1999. Read more

  • You've seen "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," right? Please say, "Yes." Otherwise, I'll feel really bad for you. If you haven't, here's a huge spoiler: It's awesome. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a cyborg who is sent back through time. You know what? Just watch the damn movie. You'll only be 23 years late to the party. Read more

  • It's no secret Lexus makes vehicles that provide smooth, composed rides. The following video is no secret, either. It's been around a while. A lot of you have seen it. However, if you're one of the people who hasn't, click play after the jump. Read more

  • One thing I can say about LARTE Design's LX 570 Alligator? It looks pissed. And while I generally like vehicles that look pissed, I'm not sold on this. I just see a plasticy BRABUS imposter. But you know what they say about opinions. Read more

  • With the RC F, Lexus has jumped into an arena that German competitors essentially built and thrown down the gauntlet. And while it's always hard to be the kid on the block, there's one area where it's easy to predict victory over the Germans: Reliability. Read more

  • As you might be aware, last week Lexus brought a bunch of automotive writers to Monticello Motor Club in New York to drive the RC F. During my turns at the wheel, I had a total blast, and apparently, so did Michael Ferrara from DSPORTmagazine. Read more

  • And the RC F videos keep on coming! This one from AutoGuide does about a 50/50 split between focuing on the new coupe's road and track manners, and reviewer Craig Cole came away impressed. Will it be enough to beat the German's at their own game? Read more

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