An Open Letter to the Lexus NX

Lexus LF-NX

Dear Lexus NX,

Just heard the awesome news! Saw that you'd finally announced your arrival in October, with your first stop in the U.K! It's dreary as hell over there (all the time), but regardless, I was excited!

To be honest, I wasn't too fond of you when we first met. Nothing personal. I've just never had a good rapport with anyone wearing the CUV nametag; but your bold personality and over the top presence made me pay attention. I know your family's been a bit of a stodgy, but I can see them trying. And I appreciate your black sheep ways, even though your introduction was overshadowed by exciting, more athletic siblings.

But in your class, you definitely stood out. With sharp eyes and a loud-mouthed grin, you were shouty, unapologetic, and drew as much attention as any sports car unveiling in 2013. I know it's been tough to lose the LF part of your name, but more importantly, I want to know I saw your new pictures.


It looks like you've cleaned up. You're wearing the corporate suit now. It's clean and professional.. But what happened to the peacocking? Where you had lines, now you have curves. Where you used to grimace crazily, you now have a set of sterile stripes. I appreciate that you've slimmed down, but it does appear you've gotten a bit soft in the middle.

I know this is just what happens when you graduate from concept to production. It's the game, we get it. Just know, I'm not disappointed in you, but I am disappointed in your parents for making you grow up before you had the chance to cause a ruckus.

It's the nature of the beast though, right? I know you'll do well on our shores too, but forgive me if I mistaken you for the other kids in your class.

I'm rooting for you, but if we don't cross paths, I want to wish you good luck. Please take the Q5 and X3 down, they're aborrent, soulless beasts. The FX is cool though.

Cesar Villanueva (Tue, 11 Feb 2014 15:44:45 -0800): Hadn't seen production version, what a bummer...
Thomas Van Hoesen (Wed, 12 Feb 2014 05:10:07 -0800): I prefer this one the other is a nightmare to keep clean. Way too edgy and over the top for a production model. I am buying one come fall hopefully they are priced right. Hopefully have some hp , more than the Toyota. Hopefully they come up with a nicer wheel too. yuck.