XCAR Drives TMG TS 650, The AMG Answer?


We all know Toyota's German tuning arm, TMG (Toyota Motorsport GmbH) is capable of turning any ordinary Toyota and Lexus into a performance dream all car enthusiasts lust. XCAR's Drew Stearne had a chance to flog TMG's latest conceptual creation, the TMG TS 650, a highly modified 4th Generation LS with a 650hp twin turbo 5.0L V8.

Aside from the twin turbo powertrain, modified body aero, large alloy wheels and massive Brembo carbon ceramic brakes from the LFA stop the S 63 AMG killer like a small lightweight sports car. The exhaust even features a quad staggered design from the IS F. This car is capable of a top speed of nearly 200 mph. Impressive! Could this be the signs of a future LS F? Check out the video below.

The folks at XCAR also talk about TMG's history and rich motorsports heritage. With all this engineering know how, could TMG be potentially be the answer to Mercedes Benz's in-house tuner AMG? With WRC, TTE (Team Toyota Europe) tuning for Lexus including the Project IS 430 Kompressor and the Toyota F1 program under their belt, it would only make sense. 

But there is a twist to the bigger picture. Toyota also runs an in house Japanese based TRD and there is also an in-house F and F SPORT lines created from the factory. So who oversees what in this confusing puzzle? Could TMG and TRD be combined into one and create amazing things? Or would they keep it separate focusing on different elements of Toyota tuning and modifications? Whatever it is, we hope these driveable concepts become reality in the near future. With the coming of an RC F and GS F, is there room for a future LS F?

 Source: [XCAR] & [Lexus UK]

Ian Maina (Fri, 13 Sep 2013 13:38:03 -0700): If Lexus wants to really be taken seriously as a premiere global luxury brand, they have to follow the current formula of base and in-house performance spec models. BMW has M, Mercedes has AMG, Porsche is Porsche (lol), well, turbo and turbo S. You get the idea. Many of the base models are just too mild. They're highly refined, nice plush interiors, good styling, but now they need a PUNCH, something to kick you in your gut if you want it to. F-sport is just little trinkets and accessories, mostly for looks. Turn it up to 11. Engineer a beautiful car that can go toe-to-toe with other performance models. Make a GS that matches the M5 and E63. Make an LS that can match with the AMG S-class and maybe allow outside tuning companies easier access to ECUs so that something like Brabus for Lexus can arise. Just something to think about.
Keron Lewis (Fri, 13 Sep 2013 13:58:18 -0700): they have F-Sport but it kinda sucks. Its not real performance mods. Its just add-ons. Which kinda sucks imo.
Boris Molaiv (Sat, 14 Sep 2013 21:20:55 -0700): lexus does have the IS-F and the LFA and GSF is coming soon.
Martin Gillespie (Tue, 24 Sep 2013 11:25:00 -0700): What a beuty
Paul Chuon (Tue, 24 Sep 2013 11:25:32 -0700): Whats up with the size SMEDIUM shirt, lol?
Jack Rice (Tue, 24 Sep 2013 13:15:40 -0700): This is ridiculous! Why do they think they need match AMG or M? Why can't they make an V-8 that competes with the MB M278. Stick the 429hp version in the LS and the 402hp version in the GS. I've heard the argument it won't work with the ES -- which would be an E550 killer -- because of the FWD...so, engineer one already! All Lexus needs is a performance V-8 option for their normal line. No need for some 650hp screamer. What's their problem? Of course, Tesla is making ICE cars obsolete, so maybe this is why Lexus is so timid. And I agree about the F. Who do they think they're kidding?
Brian Durden (Tue, 24 Sep 2013 15:13:45 -0700): " and maybe allow outside tuning companies easier access to ECUs" So much this. Toyota's ECUs SUCK for this very reason. w
Chuck Nguyen (Tue, 24 Sep 2013 15:52:21 -0700): WOW
Ricardo Sá (Tue, 24 Sep 2013 16:31:00 -0700): a constructive and elaborated opinion. hard to find on internet nowadays. btw, I agree, well said!
(Tue, 24 Sep 2013 18:12:42 -0700): send one to Bathurst Australia
Joe Cho (Tue, 24 Sep 2013 19:27:25 -0700): since there is an IS-F, Lexus should have GS-F to compete with M5, and also LS-F something like this one to compete with AMG. If Toyota can do all that with already proven durability and reliability, they will win the market for sure! ... and please bring back Toyota Supra!!! How about bring back Supra with 3.6L Boxer engine with a light turbo producing a little over 360hp make it highly tune-able.
Jacob Rosenberger (Wed, 25 Sep 2013 07:44:29 -0700): I could NOT agree more with Ian. Supercharging the 350 has GREAT results.
Mandeep Singh (Wed, 11 Dec 2013 15:27:07 -0800): I hope they make more of these so lexus can keep up with all the new beefed up cars in their classes