• Late night talk show host and car buff Jay Leno is no stranger when it comes to super cars and exotics. As a car connoisseur himself, Jay knows a thing or two about super cars and exotics. Earlier this year, Jay along with Patrick Hong of Road & Track Magazine took Black LFA #032 around the streets of Southern California.... Read more

  • On August 23, history was made at the world famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Salinas, CA. Sixteen Lexus LFA's and their Owners met from all corners of the United States last Thursday to be a part of the first ever Lexus LFA owners meet, and so far, the largest LFA gathering in the world!... Read more

  • Grab a set of headphones. Trust me on this one.This ridiculous collection of super cars got together at Pittsburgh's Cars & Coffee meet a few days ago. Since there was no abandoned air-strip for them to drag race through Need for Speed style, they decided to settle on a rev battle between them. The result is aural ecstasy.... Read more

  • We talk about this car all the time, but the only way to actually understand how impressive it is is to get into the drivers seat. They're all sold out now though, so the only way you'll get that chance is to either suck up to someone who has one, or pay a visit to Lexus' Facebook page and enter the Golden Opportunity sweepstakes.... Read more

  • Look. The LFA is cool, I get that. But not everything that people do with it is going to be cool. It's won the 24hrs of Nurburgring and countless awards from publications across the world. Now, it's showing off it's classy side with... Automotive ballet.... Read more

  • It's not often you see the limited production Lexus LFA out in the open, and rarely do you see them modified. This rare Canadian LFA in Pearl Red is starting a transformation entitled Project Reignfire.... Read more

  • We're in the habit of trying to make the world a better place one smoky donut at a time. Gazoo Racing, apparently, feels the same way. Their Nurburgring slaying LFA entertains the crowd in glorious, loud HD in this video. I can't help but love watching serious cars doing silly things. Check it out. ... Read more

  • How cool would it to make an LFA jack-o-lantern? How about these pair of LFA's as mascots? Whether you are a big fan of Halloween, the San Francisco Giants or the Baltimore Orioles, these two Lexus LFA's in California should tickle your fancy.... Read more

  • LFA Nearly Sold Out

    June 22, 2012

    For those still scrounging around to shell out the cash for an LFA, you better act soon. Reports from Lexus say that supplies of the LFA have fallen in to the single digits. If you've got $375,000 burning a whole in your wallet still, this is the time to take the plunge.... Read more

  • It's hard to believe but this is the first production LFA Nürburgring Package to be delivered in Germany. Not only is it a first, it's also a birthday present. The present belongs to Erich Weinberger, the CEO of the Lexus Forum in Rosenheim, Germany. This Orange LFA Nürburgring Package features the signature of Toyota Motor Corp. CEO, Akio Toyoda on the hood. Now that's what you call a special birthday present! Congrats and Happy Birthday to Mr. Weinberger!... Read more

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