• Now that Lexus LFA production has ceased, we're beginning to see the inner workings of the LFA Works at TMC's Motomachi Plant in Japan. A hand selected group of media had a chance to see and experience the LFA build first hand. MotorTrend has given a detailed account of how the Lexus Fuji Apex super car is built.... Read more

  • As I stepped out of the LFA at the local Cars & Coffee, a young boy walked up to me and said, "I am so jealous that you are driving this $400k supercar!"  I smiled and responded, "This is an awesome car but it's not mine; I am just driving it for the weekend."  "Oh you are so lucky!  What car do you drive?"  I pointed to the NSX that my friend parked beside the LFA, he looked over and said, "The NSX is still a very nice car!  They are both crazy cars from Japan..."... Read more

  • It's inconceivable that two years have passed since the arrival of the first Lexus LFA supercar arrived on American soil. Every Lexus enthusiast all over the world closely watched and immersed themselves in the Lexus LFA story. We are very fortunate to be a part of Lexus history by covering the first LFA devanning in the United States, and now sadly the last.... Read more

  • Lexus of Blackburn in Australia is sponsoring a new golf tournament in the Australasian PGA Tour "The Lexus of Blackburn Heritage Classic, Heritage Golf Club". To kick off their newest sponsorship, Lexus of Blackburn has wrapped one of their local White LFA's in Australian Flag livery to commemorate "Australia Day" which falls on January 26, 2013.... Read more

  • National Geographic Channel has released feature on their Megafactories series on how the limited production Lexus LFA was made. Grab some popcorn and your favorite drink as this 45 minute video goes into detail about how meticulously the LFA is assembled.... Read more

  • As the last few Lexus LFA units to cross the Pacific come ashore in the United States, what is the only Steel Blue (9J3) Lexus LFA ordered in the United States (and possibly the world) arrives in the East Coast via Toyota Logistic Services in Long Beach, CA.... Read more

  • LFA Roars Loud In Detroit

    January 18, 2013

    It's amazing how much the Lexus LFA draws attention. Even with production stopping a month ago, the LFA still manages to create a lot of buzz. This year in Detroit, Lexus unveiled a new interactive kiosk which includes the use of LEDs, touch screen displays, sound and of course LFA 410,  Nürburgring Package.... Read more

  • TMC's factory race team Gazoo Racing will be flexing its muscles once again against the world at the 41st Nürburging 24 Hour Race in May. A press conference headed by TMC President & CEO, Akio Toyoda announced that Gazoo Racing will be entering their Toyota 86 and the "F" performance flagship, Lexus LFA race car at this year's Nürburgring 24. Read more

  • Jeremy Clarkson of the hit BBC auto television show Top Gear confirms this. A recent tweet pic from Jeremy's own personal twitter account shows the infamous Pearl Yellow LFA parked in an undisclosed parking garage parked between a light blue Aston Martin and a black SRT Viper. So what are they about to do?... Read more

  • Imagine. The rolling white hills of Laguna Seca. The empty track. The piercing howl of the LFA's V10 at full tilt. I don't know about you, but that sounds like a good day to me. One lucky Lexus fan was able to do just that.... Read more