• Monza is normally the stomping ground for the italian super car marquees. Ferrari in particular has made it their unofficial home from home. Considering the LFA is the closest Toyota has ever come to building something like a Ferrari, Monza seems like the perfect place to take it for a spin.... Read more

  • Lexus LFA Mishap in China

    April 11, 2013

    Accidents are risks we face when we drive out on the roads everyday. Although invincible in our minds, supercars are subject to the same risks as well. AutoEvolution reports a rare Lexus LFA mishap that happened in China.... Read more

  • It's a fact the Lexus LFA will be a car all enthusiasts will admire and talk about for generations. Although it's no longer manufactured, we always enjoy LFA sightings from all over the world. Just a few days ago, pro-driver Ken Gushi posted a few photos of the Lexus LFA playing in the sands of the Mojave Desert.... Read more

  • "The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas", but in this case, "this Lapis Lazuli Blue, will make Jeremy Clarkson go OOOH!", deep in the heart of Texas!". This rare colored gem may possibly be the only LFA in Lapis Lazuli 9H8 in the world.... Read more

  • Lexus Europe just announced the final LFA delivery to a customer in Switzerland. LFA 493 in Whitest White is the final LFA to arrive in Europe although no other details were divulged. Lexus Europe however shared that a total of 40 LFAs were sent to Europe while Whitest White & Pearl White were the most popular colors. Only one person in the European Union ordered three LFAs.... Read more

  • We all know the Lexus LFA starts with an MSRP of $375,000. Not often do we hear about what a monthly payment would be on a vehicle like this. According to the folks at Jalopnik and Celebritycarsblog, someone with a lot of time on their hands took the liberty of running her social security number and checked her credit report. They found out that her LFA's monthly payment is $5,603 a month and she still has not missed a payment since.... Read more

  • Photos of Lexus LFA 003 & LFA 499 have finally been released. Mr. Mallady stands proudly between these two historical Lexus LFAs. To the left is Metallic Silver 003 which was the first and to the right is LFA 499 in Steel Gray which is the last LFA to arrive in the United States.... Read more

  • LFA 499 & 003 Part 1/2:It's not often you see a Lexus LFA anywhere in the world and it's certainly not often you see two Lexus LFA's parked together and owned by the same person!Just recently, Mr. Roy Mallady of Atlanta, GA, Mister "003" himself took delivery of his latest Lexus, LFA 499. Mr. Mallady sent us this exclusive raw footage of  Lexus history parked together.... Read more

  • The rarest of the rare Lexus LFA's has finally surfaced back east. Not only is it 1 of 500, it's also 1 of up to 50 LFA Nürburgring Packages ever produced. Known as 9K4, the Matte Black exterior of this LFA Nürburgring Package could possibly be the only one of its kind in existence!... Read more

  • As Lexus continues to grow all over the world, particularly in Asia, Lexus has opened up two new Lexus Centres in the metro Kuala Lumpur area, Lexus of Kuala Lumpur and Lexus of Sungai Besi. To kick off the grand opening of Lexus of Sungai Besi, TRD Japan's Matte Black LFA was brought out to show at the festivities.... Read more