• To be honest, words can't begin to describe how this video makes me feel. But off the top of my head, I can think of a few. Envious, queasy, and excited. In no particular order of importance or preference. Read more

  • This fine bit of escapism comes courtesy of Gazoo racing. The car, I'm assuming, is their LFA X race car. Part of the reason this video is so entertaining is the ease with which the LFA blows by everything else. Read more

  • It goes without saying the the LFA has one of the best exhaust notes of all time. What the noise of the Aventador lacks in similarity to a race car, it makes up for in similarity to a jet engine. Read more

  • You can bet that the number of LFAs that see rain duty is pretty limited. But I'm glad that this example got to play in the wet--the gray skies and shining tarmac make for an amazing picture of an amazing car. Get the wallpaper after the jump! Read more

  • Paris Hilton gets a tremendous amount of flak for being famous for essentially no reason, but she can't be faulted on her taste in cars. Case in point: Read more

  • About a year ago, the only real performance offerings from Lexus were the IS-F, the LFA, and the F-Sport line. There was no hint of the RC coupe and the idea of an RC-F was pure fantasy. There were just these two. Read more

  • KBB Falls in Love with the LFA

    December 17, 2013

    Before going into this review, I assumed that the guys at Kelly Blue Book would be the most stuffy, bland reviewers to give an LFA to. As it turns out, I was very, very wrong. Read more

  • There are many super cars from around the world and there are only some that have set records at a racetrack. Owners of the Lexus LFA are not just ordinary super car owners, they're admirers of detail and engineering. It was a great day for two LFA owners as they were invited to a place where the LFA was tested and crafted, the Nürburgring.... Read more

  • Southern California is the mecca of car culture and is the home of the largest concentration of Lexus owners and enthusiasts in the world. Last Saturday, loyal Lexus fans from all over California, the neighboring states and even Miami, FL gathered at the first ever All-Lexus Car Show, Drift Exhbition & 2014 IS Drive Event at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA.... Read more

  • There's no doubt in our mind that the Lexus LFA is one of the greatest supercars ever built. But who would have ever thought Lexus would ever build such a thing? It took a decade to create this piece of perfection and the Lexus LFA earned it's spot on Top Gear's Top 10 Greatest!... Read more

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