LFA Screams Around Track at Hands of Alex Wurz

Driving an F1 Car is hard. They're bad on gas, the seats are uncomfortable, and they don't have cup holders. F1 veteran and Le Man's champion Alex Wurz could tell you all of this in person, but he'd rather tell you about how the LFA drives. His verdict?

It does exactly what it's built to do. Toyota's sports car has received unending positive press and Alex isn't one to buck the trend. For good reason too: the LFA is a brilliant car. At the heart of it all is that 4.8-liter V10. If anything, the howl of that motor makes this video worth it. The LF-A sounds like a sewing machine on fire. Kind of like a Carrera GT or an F1 car. Amazing.

And really, that's the purpose of this video. It's showing off the LFA and giving us plebs a chance to experience the car vicariously. As much as I value Mr. Wurz's opinion, watching--and hearing--this thing tear around the track is worth much more. For now anyway. I might change my tune when I'm in the market for a $300,000 super car.

Stanley Harley (Thu, 08 Mar 2012 21:44:09 -0800): sweet car! unfortunately,,, can't afford it. would if I could but I can't so I won't.