New IS Short Films & TV Commercial


To coincide with the announcement of the New IS in Japan, a series of new videos have been posted up Lexus Japan's official YouTube channel. Two videos are short films of the New IS and IS F SPORT in action while the latter is focused on the "Amazing Shots" project, a new TV commercial for the 2014 IS. These new videos are integral to the new "Amazing in Motion" marketing campaign that Lexus has recently launched.

IS Driving Movie:


Lexus IS TV Commercial "Amazing Shots":


The Making of  the "Amazing Shots" IS Commercial:

A first of its kind for Lexus, the "Amazing Shots" commercial is a dramatic short film focusing on the New IS. To accentuate the new IS' character focus is all on the car. There is no narration of any sort but visuals and an upbeat sound compliment the rhythm of the IS as maneuvers through a series of obstacles as drifts onto the "Amazing" switch at the end. Award winning director Jacques Steyn, who coincidentally has done commercial work for Audi, Mercedes Benz and Lamborghini to name a few directed this two day shoot. The scene was done at the former McDonnell Douglas Aircraft hangar in Long Beach, CA, the birthplace of many aircraft from the World War II era and most recently the MD 80 commercial jet which was later called the 717 after the merger with Boeing. "Amazing Shots" is broken into episodes starting with the director all the way to the stunt driving. Episode 5 arrives next Thursday May 23, 2013. Check out the first 4 episodes:

Episode 1: Starting 

Episode 2: Switch

Episode 3: Set

Episode 4: Driving

Episode 5: Coming May 23, 2013

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Courtesy: [Lexus]

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