Lexus Explains What The F...Is All About


The story behind the Lexus F and the differences between the different F models maybe clear to us but it's still confusing to others. Kirk Edmondson, General Manager of Brand Management at Lexus Asia Pacific talks about the differences of the F and F SPORT lines and its importance to Lexus.

The article discusses the "F" marque and how it initiated. In the Asia Pacific market, Lexus is slowly emerging and finally putting a dent in the luxury car market in that region. Singapore-based SG CarMart had a chance to sit down with Lexus to talk F and F SPORT.  SGCM asked Mr. Edmondson about why F SPORT was created and asked if it would steer customers away from the luxurious and quiet cars they're known for. According to Mr. Edmondson on F SPORT:

"It's more like another golf club in your bag, if you will. It's something you can have fun with during the weekends."

As the F and F SPORT line up continues to expand, Lexus is working on strengthening the image and dynamics of their vehicles. Aside from just luxurious and quiet, they are also capable of building fun to drive and dynamic cars as well. The IS F, LFA, GS F SPORT and the new IS F SPORT are prime of Lexus new direction and attitude in building luxury vehicles.

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Source: [SGCarMart]