Watch the IS-F CCS-R Storm Pikes Peak


Lexus did pretty well with their suped up IS-F CCS-R on Pikes Peak last weekend, placing second in their class. Luckily for us, they managed to stick two or three hundred GoPros to the car. They've released this video to celebrate.

Professional drifter, driver Ken Gushi piloted the CCS-R to the top of the Peak in a speedy 11 minutes and 36 seconds and a respectable second place his class. Not a bad run considering Pikes Peak is one of the most difficult and dangerous hill climbs in the world. That it was both Lexus and Gushi's first attempt at the course makes it even more impressive.

Congrats to the guys at Lexus for getting the car out there and taking on the mountain. We'll be looking forward to seeing what they'll have in store for next year.

Mark D Sanders (Tue, 21 Aug 2012 14:48:59 -0700): Too bad it was set to music I would of loved to hear that V8 sing.
Chris Campanale (Tue, 21 Aug 2012 18:08:03 -0700): Not sure if it is just the way it was shot, but it looks WAY slower than the GC run. IMO