CL Exclusive: IS F CCS-R Comes To America!


Who says all the best stuff stays only in Japan? The IS F CCS-R Concept that debuted at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon has finally touched United States soil. The "Intelligent Sedan 'Fuji' Club Circuit Sports Racer Concept" -- CCS-R for the rest of us-- is the personal project of IS F Chief Engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi. It was Yaguchi-san and his skunk works was responsible for creating the first true Lexus performance sports car to wear the "F" marque.

This left hand drive IS F CCS-R #3 is one of four built. The pearl orange and smokey granite paint scheme was built in house by Toyota Technocraft in Japan. We will post up more information on this particular car as it comes. Our sources say that the IS F CCS-R was brought over for a special project here in the States and may be seen making a run up a very famous hill climb in the near future!



The IS F recognized as a serious contender in the luxury performance market. With the arrival of the IS F CCS-R, this reinforces Lexus' commitment the "F" program. To help expand the spirit of the IS F CCS-R to the general consumer, Lexus Japan has released a set of Club Circuit Sport Parts (CCS-P) for the IS F. Currently these parts are only available in the Japanese market but with enough interest, Lexus could bring these parts across the Pacific. Be forewarned, these parts aren't cheap. The US Dollar to Yen conversion means you may end up with parts costing up to $60k, Ouch! Regardless, lets hope Lexus continues this path for future Lexus performance products and entry back into serious motorsports programs. Can you say the rebirth of Team Lexus or a presence in Formula 1?

IS F CCS-P (Club Circuit Sports Parts):

Here are a list of parts that you could order for your IS F. Note: The current exchanged rate from USD to Yen is: 1 Japanese yen = 0.0126 US dollars.

LEXUS IS F "Circuit Club Sport Parts" List

  Performance PackageIndividual Product
Major itemsEye outStage1Stage2Stage3Price yen (including tax)

Tax price (yen)

ExteriorCarbon hood * 1819,000780,000
Carbon front spoiler1,593,9001,518,000
Carbon rear diffuser
Carbon rear spoiler * 2
InteriorCarbon interior panel kit262,500250,000
Chassis &
Damping force adjustable suspension kit 2Way  1,178,1001,122,000
Suspension kit fixed damping force 600,600572,000
Front stabilizer-* 4
Rear Stabilizer
Forged magnesium wheel set  997,500950,000
Forged aluminum wheel set  682,500650,000
Brake pads (Fr · Rr)78,75075,000
LSD * 3 459,900438,000
Body & 
Front damper performance105,000100,000
Rear damper performance
Titanium muffler522,900498,000
 Tax package price (yen)3,586,485


Tax package price (in yen)3,415,700


 Forged magnesium wheels 5 *   630,000600,000
Forged aluminum wheels * 5   378,000360,000

Source: Lexus Japan

We're excited about IS F and we're ecstatic about the arrival of CCS-R in America. Do you want to see more? We have exclusive pics and details and video HERE!!! >>
Guy S. De Alwis (Thu, 07 Jun 2012 01:41:31 -0700): How come this article was changed from this morning?
Karen Mender (Wed, 20 Jun 2012 07:12:58 -0700): my 2008 LS-F has a horrible trip compute.
Laurice Heming (Wed, 20 Jun 2012 15:43:01 -0700): I'll stick with the poorer IS-F. :)
Bob Batts (Wed, 20 Jun 2012 17:44:42 -0700): I don't need a racing Lexus, but I would like a good GPS. With a marketing campaign seemingly so dedicated to the pursuit of perfection, why can't they subcontract for a GPS that works? I'm on my 10th Lexus and all have had HORRABLE GPS systems.