Manablog: IS F CCS-R is Saikou-Desu (Awesome)!


One word to describe the IS F CCS-R, "Awesome!" says renowned Japanese journalist Mr. Manabu Kawaguchi. A.k.a. "Manablog", he has sampled the latest version of Yaguchi-san's pet project at the birthplace of Lexus F, Fuji Speedway. The Circuit Club Sports Racer is lightweight version of the IS F (nearly 700 lbs. less) but with full racing gear.

"Very easy to drive", "engine sound is awesome" and "It's a very good feeling!" are just a few of the phrases that Manabu-san uses to describe the CCS-R. This forgiving but serious race car is the latest "Lexus Must" of IS F Chief Engineer Yaguchi. We hope the IS F CCS-R will be utilized in future racing circuits to help shape the legacy of Lexus Motorsports. 

Watch Manablog's test drive of the "Awesome" IS F CCS-R at Fuji:


Source: [#lovecars]