• Southern California is the mecca of car culture and is the home of the largest concentration of Lexus owners and enthusiasts in the world. Last Saturday, loyal Lexus fans from all over California, the neighboring states and even Miami, FL gathered at the first ever All-Lexus Car Show, Drift Exhbition & 2014 IS Drive Event at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA.... Read more

  • Since we live in a digital age, it was inevitable video was captured along with the plethora of DSLR photographs. Video footage of the future Lexus RC F driving in and around the world famous Nürburgring in Germany has been posted. The videos give a better perspective the RC F's musuclar footprint and driving agility.... Read more

  • With all the buzz surrounding the mystery Lexus performance coupe spotted recently, Mark Rechtin of Automotive News has reported some important tidbits on an up coming Lexus coupe and scheduled releases. The source seems pretty credible as it comes from an anonymous internal source at Lexus.... Read more

  • Spyshots of what appear to be the Lexus we've all been waiting for have spread globally yesterday. Several sources have called this camouflaged car the Lexus IS F Coupe. We've reported that the IS F sedan maybe on it's way out but nothing has been confirmed if it will be replaced by a coupe or something else.... Read more

  • As the rumors linger of the Lexus IS F's discontinuation, more renderings surface of a two door RC F, a rumored replacement for the first skunkworks Lexus performance sedan.The latest issue of Best Car Magazine in Japan shows a heavily modified LF-CC concept transformed into what a future RC F could possibly look like.... Read more

  • Lexus has announced a partnership with the Tony Hawk Foundation to create a fan-based decal to affix on the IS F CCS-R. The Circuit Club Sports Racer will compete in the Exhibition Class of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb for the second time by pro driver Ken Gushi.... Read more

  • One word to describe the IS F CCS-R, "Awesome!" says renowned Japanese journalist Mr. Manabu Kawaguchi. A.k.a. "Manablog", he has sampled the latest version of Yaguchi-san's pet project at the birthplace of Lexus F, Fuji Speedway. The Circuit Club Sports Racer is lightweight version of the IS F (nearly 700 lbs. less) but with full racing gear.... Read more

  • Next IS F Sedan & Coupe!

    February 21, 2013

    The Motor Report has just released renderings of what could be the next IS F Sedan and Coupe. As the F marque evolves, so does the competition. Will Lexus play their cards right and offer more F variants to compete with the Deutschland trio: AMG, M and RS?... Read more

  • If you're in Brisbane anytime soon, make sure to stop by the Lexus dealership there. You'll certainly be greeted by the normal show room fare, but if you're lucky, you might be able to check out their newest arrivals: A triplet of IS-F based race cars.... Read more

  • Don't hold your breath, but the word from IS-F Chief Engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi in Lexus magazine is that the CCS-R might see the light of day. That is, if interest is strong enough.... Read more