IS 300 F-Sport Video Tour


Presenting the IS 300 F-Sport! For those waiting on the new IS-F might be out of luck, but Lexus hasn't stopped their assault on the sport market... Or you eardrums, apparently. I get it, the IS is a sexy car, but that doesn't excuse the use of bad music in your advertising videos.

Besides featuring a terrible song, the video gives a sweeping overview of Lexus' sporty IS. The car looks great in motion. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the led running lights, now that I can see them in action. That said, they're the only real drawbacks of what is otherwise a handsome design. That's if you can get over the grill, of course.

They've also got rolling shots of the IS 250. Back to back, I actually prefer the less "in-your-face" face of the non-F sport Lex.  I just wish I could hear the thing over this idiot in the background who apparently can't stop telling me that "my love is all he needs." If you can deal with a slightly off-key falsetto over "funky" bass lines, check out the video below.