Lexus Recalls 18,000 HS 250hs

Do you remember the HS 250h? That fancy Corolla-based hybrid that Lexus killed off a few months ago? Well, now it seems like it's striking back from beyond the grave with a recall. The bad news? They haven't released a fix for the problem yet. The good news? Chances are HS 250h owners wont have to worry about it anyway.

At worst, HS 250h owners might have to worry about a suspension arm falling off. However, this'll only happen if the nuts on one of the rear suspension arms aren't sufficiently tightened after an alignment. If they aren't, then there's a chance the arm will have some play and eventually get rusty. Rust is the enemy of all cars, of course. Eventually, the rusty arm could wear out and eventually separate from the mounting point, making the car uncontrollable. Of course, if your auto tech  tightens the bolts correctly, this whole sequence of events can be avoided.

While they've announced this recall today, they haven't actually announced a fix. Considering the convoluted and, frankly, unlikely nature of the defect, this is unsurprising. Still, affected vehicles can call their local Lexus dealer to set up a no-charge appointment. You can also view the actual recall on Lexus' website.