Lexus GX460 Tows a Mig 31 Fighter

2014-lexus GX

I'll go on record and say this: I quite like the 2014 Lexus GX460. Something of an odd statement for someone of my particular demographic to say, but the luxury SUV definitely has presence - or at least, that's what I thought to myself as I saw the Japanese behemoth in diamond white pearl hauling its way through the Grapevine stretch of the 5.

With its proportionally large fascia, the GX has been one of the best implementations of Lexus's love it or hate it spindle grill for 2014's models. So to supplement GX460 photo gallery, we also found this awesome little video of a previous generation GX460 towing a Russian Mig 31 fighter.

Note the video's original description was entirely in Russian - instead of transcribing, we decided to present the Google translation as is. Make sure to read it through in your best thick, Russian accent.

29 in Perm-based Falcon took Aviafestival "Wings of Parma in 2013." At the festival was presented various aviation equipment, including aircraft MiG-31 interceptors. General sponsor of the festival is representative of concern Toyota in Perm that contributed to the festival for a test drive the car Lexus and Toyota. At the end of the festival, when airplanes began to take away from the field, one of the MiGs tried to tow using SUV Lexus GX 460. The result was not frail test drive Lexus ;). PS Normal takeoff weight of the MiG-31 - 42400 kg, given that samlet probably was only partially filled, it weighs probably somewhere 30-35 tons.Sorry for kachestvao sound during sbemki was a very strong wind.