SEMA 2011: Five Axis' Super Slick "Project GS"

Project_GS_Five_Axis_001.jpgWe just got these renderings of Five Axis' "Project GS," an evil looking GS 350 F Sport destined for the SEMA floor. Obviously there's been a widebody conversion and some custom paint work, but there are also a host of performance-oriented bits lurking under the skin, like a Stoptech Big Brake Kit and full custom exhaust.

Project_GS_Five_Axis_002.jpg Project_GS_Five_Axis_003.jpg WHEELS/TIRES:

• FIVE:AD S5:F Alloy Wheels
• Front: 20x9.5"
• Rear: 20x10.5"
• Yokohama Advan Sport
• Front: 245/35ZR20
• Rear: 285/30ZR20


• Stoptech Front Big Brake Kit
• 380mm x 32mm Rotor
• Six-piston opposed, 2 piece fixed, bolt-in-bridge caliper
• Stoptech Rear Big Brake Kit
• 355mm x 32mm Rotor
• Four-piston opposed, fixed, bolt-in-bridge caliper


• AirRunner TC-5 Air Suspension System

• Custom Fabricated Exhaust with Dual Finishers by Five Axis


• Five Axis Widebody Conversion
• Glacier White Paint with Custom Slate Gray Accents


• Unique Silver Textured Accents

Tom Phan (Mon, 07 Nov 2011 11:07:52 -0800): Wow
Willie Spight Jr (Fri, 18 Nov 2011 10:53:54 -0800): I wish they would build what they render. As a current 1999 GS 400 owner I am really disappointed that the 2011 GS F only has a few more ponies than my 13 plus year Lexus. This can't be Lexus answer to the BMW M5 or Mercedes AMG E series. It looks fast but stay out the fast lane. In this GS F series its all show with no GO how sad. With the L-FA technology the new GS F should blow or at least compete with the class its in. I guess I will keep on driving my 1999 GS 400 another 200,000 miles which will put me at 400,000 miles.