• With all the buzz surrounding the mystery Lexus performance coupe spotted recently, Mark Rechtin of Automotive News has reported some important tidbits on an up coming Lexus coupe and scheduled releases. The source seems pretty credible as it comes from an anonymous internal source at Lexus.... Read more

  • Spyshots of what appear to be the Lexus we've all been waiting for have spread globally yesterday. Several sources have called this camouflaged car the Lexus IS F Coupe. We've reported that the IS F sedan maybe on it's way out but nothing has been confirmed if it will be replaced by a coupe or something else.... Read more

  • The story behind the Lexus F and the differences between the different F models maybe clear to us but it's still confusing to others. Kirk Edmondson, General Manager of Brand Management at Lexus Asia Pacific talks about the differences of the F and F SPORT lines and its importance to Lexus.... Read more

  • Back in the day when navigation was done by Thomas Guide maps and the preferred method of communicating was AIM, the 2nd Generation Lexus GS came about.  The GS quickly became the Japanese luxury sport sedan Gen X and young Gen Y'ers sought after. One enthusiastic man and his GS eventually became the inspiration for a majority on Club Lexus, his name is Martin Kraft.... Read more

  • The "global premier of a new hybrid model" has been introduced this past weekend as the GS 300h at the 2013 Auto Shanghai. This high efficiency hybrid GS model joins the 4th Generation GS line up as the 2nd hybrid variant and the 4th model overall. This new GS 300h will only be available in select Asian and European Lexus markets.... Read more

  • Lexus China will partake in the Auto Shanghai 2013 in China starting this Saturday April 20, 2013 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Lexus plans to introduce three new models including the LF-CC Hybrid Concept, the all-new 2014 Lexus IS and the "Global premier of an all-new hybrid model". Perhaps this is the official debut of the GS 300h.... Read more

  • In honor of #TBT (Throwback Thursday), lets go back to the 90's and reminisce on one of Lexus' most memorable ad campaigns and vehicles. "Something Wicked This Way Comes" was the tagline coined by Team One for the launch of the 2nd Generation Lexus GS. This memorable ad campaign and the first dual personality Lexus model were the initiators of the Lexus enthusiast market.... Read more

  • Lexus Trademarks "GS F"

    March 27, 2013

    It's not an early April fools joke, but a late breaking discovery of a new patent filing by Lexus. A direct tip came immediately from our good friend, Senior Editor & Admin of my.IS, jruhi4. He alerted us that the info has been posted on the forums on my.IS, but after a few clicks over to our own Car Chat section, an identical post was made on our site first!... Read more

  • Without a doubt Lexus created waves with the introduction of the agile and fun-to-drive 4th generation GS. It has the look, it has the feel but it certainly missing a few things which Mercedes Benz and BMW have addressed with the popular E Class & 5 Series respectively. As it appears in these photos from Mag X, Lexus may be working on a plan of attack from low and high! Can you say GS 300h & GS F?... Read more

  • SSR Wheels is one of Japan's finest wheel company and without a doubt, they have created timeless wheels which look great on Lexus models of all ages. With the recent release of WALD International's Executive Line Kit for the 2013 Lexus GS F SPORT, SSR quickly took the opportunity to feature their newest Executor wheel line on this hot new GS.... Read more