GS Launch Event at Longo Lexus!

i-G5jTFLc-L.jpgThe 2013 GS marks the beginning a new chapter for Lexus, and the company clearly has its game face on. The "Spindle Grille" front fascia is fresh and aggressive, and gives the grand sedan a menacing look. 

Because Lexus is serious in attracting conquest buyers from BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi, they are rolling out 2013 New GS launch parties throughout the country, and I recently got an invite from Longo Lexus to check out the latest edition to the family. If the excitement I saw at the event is any indication, Lexus has a huge hit on its hands. 

i-HjZJcMs-L.jpgThe party hosted was held last week at their mega facility in El Monte, CA, and attendees were thrilled with the chance to check out the new GS. There was live music, great food, plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, and of course, plenty 2013 GS models to test drive. The fourth  generation GS offers three specific model packages: Luxury, F Sport--and in a first for the GS--Premium. Longo's event was so successful that 14 people drove home in new a 2013 GS! It was no surprise that the F Sport was the most popular amongst the guests, and the six high-performance models they had in stock were sold out by the end of the night! Many people kept asking if there were still GS F Sport models available for sale, but unfortunately, they had to put their name on a list. Make sure you check out and drive the new 2013 GS, as it is changing the game for the midsize luxury segment.
Special thanks to goes out to Greg Penske, Tom Rudnai, Chris McCarty, the Longo staff and especially our own member JamesN for the gracious invite! Head over to our gallery to see more photos from this awesome event!