Lexus CT BG Concept: The Car The F Sport Could Be

Lexus CT BG Concept Beijing (2).jpg

I think I feel justified in saying that the CT could use some pizzazz. It's not a bad car--it's actually quite nice for a front-wheel-drive hatchback. The car is cozy and handles adequately... but it's missing the x-factor. Lexus of China took a stab at adding some spice to the CT with this:

Lexus CT BG Concept Beijing (4).jpg Lexus CT BG Concept Beijing (3).jpg Lexus CT BG Concept Beijing (2).jpg Lexus CT BG Concept Beijing (1).jpg

They're calling it the CT BG Concept. It's based on the Ct 200h F SPORT, but they've given the exterior a complete overhaul. It's much more a custom car than a concept. Gotta admit though, it certainly is more eye catching than your average F SPORT. Personally though? I don't think they went far enough.

What the CT needs is the 2-liter turbo from the NX. Here's why:

1. They could compete with the CLA and 2 series

Right now, the Lexus CT is good at it's job. If you need to drive around the city carrying stuff and saving gas while looking good, it's perfect. Painless, even. The CT 200h is the automotive equivalent of vicodin. The problem with that is the CT200h isn't cheaper, more powerful, or more rear-wheel-drivey than it's competitors (Mercedes CLA and BMW's 2 Series come to mind.) A turbocharged, 250 horsepower hot-hatch takes care of that problem. Also, since the Audi S3 isn't being sold in the states, it would be the only luxury hot-hatch in it's price range. The only real challenger would be the Golf GTI.

2. The CT200h F Sport is only ok

I drove the snot out of the CT 200h F Sport in Vegas last year. I really enjoyed the car, but it's Achilles heel was definitely the power. I understand building fast hatchbacks isn't something that Lexus, or Toyota in general, do frequently. That's a shame, because the body control of the Ct200h F Sport was actually quite good. Of course the front wheels were quick to give up hope as soon as you approached a corner at speed, but that could be remedied with better tires. A turbo four banger would remedy the "getting passed by everyone" problem in the F Sport.

3. This concept deserves some power

I mean look at it! Carbon fiber ground effects, blacked out wheels, lowering springs, a wing... At the very least, that car should be able to outrun a Camry. At best, it should be able to mix it up on mountain roads with the best of them. I'm not saying it needs to be track toy, but some real sporting pretense would make it amazing.

Ayd T Mkize (Sat, 26 Apr 2014 22:18:46 -0700): Agreed
Leader Gom (Wed, 30 Apr 2014 16:51:55 -0700): slow as fuking A ! this car so slow... my grand ma with nice rush shoes can out run this