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Throwback Thursdays: Supercar LFA Drifts Around S.I. Supermodel


Capturing “the beauty of power” that comes from drifting Lexus’s supercar around supermodel Rianne ten Haken.

  Comments | By - April 28, 2016

If You’ve Always Wanted a Lexus LFA, Now May Be the Time


Remember a couple of weeks ago when we discussed that LFA selling on Craigslist for less than MSRP? Well, apparently that may be the indication of a trend.

  Comments | By - April 27, 2016

Re-Visiting the LFA of Jeremy Clarkson’s Dreams

LFA Jeremy Clarkson

The Telegraph have started driving some of Top Gear’s most highly-rated cars. And what better place to start this review series than with the Lexus LFA, Clarkson’s go-to car, if given the choice?

  Comments | By - April 22, 2016

Good as New? Lexus LFA Can Be Yours for Less Than MSRP

craigslist lfa

It’s hard for some of us to imagine, but this 2012 LFA for sale on Craigslist could be the very best $369,000 bargain around.

  Comments | By - April 14, 2016

Throwing Fuel on Next-Generation LFA Rumors

Lexus LFA

While it’s completely unsubstantiated, we’re still going to allow ourselves the smallest, faintest bit of hope that this latest next-gen LFA rumor is true.

  Comments | By - April 6, 2016

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