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Lexus Confirms an Onslaught of New Vehicles for 2015


It’s not news that Lexus has been going through a rebirth, and 2015 finds the company charging headlong into battle with the Germany’s performance icons. Keen to continue its recent inroads, the company is preparing and onslaught of new things to come during the next year—it’s a good time to be a Lexus fan.

The Evolution of Lexus’ Spindle Grille

When I was originally introduced to Lexus’ now signature spindle grille, I wondered who on the executive design team came up with the idea and (honestly) what possessed them to do so. Autocar has finally found an answer.

Next Coffee 300 Miles: The Lexus ES300h Review

Many car enthusiasts complain about The Beige, the boringness which supposedly defines Lexus and Toyota. They equate consistency and reliability to dullness, “it’s so predictably good that it bores me.” But that’s a cop out. It’s like saying that the Lakers are boring because they win a lot of championships.

Lexus Sales Increase In May 2013

Lexus has recently announced their month end sales figures for May 2013. According to Lexus, the redesigned 2013 LS and the all-new 2013 ES sales have both increased over 100% and 3.6% overall since the same time last year. Coincidentally, these two sedans   were the first Lexus models that came out and shattered records […] More »

Lexus Sales Climb In April 2013

Lexus growth continues with strong numbers for the month of April. Several new 2013 vehicles helped boost sales from the previous years as well as increased Certified Pre-Owned sales figures. Lexus Hybrids dominate the charts in the industry for luxury hybrids sales. 2 of every 3 luxury hybrids are Lexus.

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